• LearningHub is founded by a group of experienced educationists who have rich experiences in education sector and who see the needs to bring education achievements for the young to the next level.
  • We aim to be the top education sector online platform enabler by providing an online platform for parents, tutors and service providers to interact and ultimately to fulfill the education needs of the students.
  • We recognize the very important role the education sector plays in upgrading the literacy and education level of the community. In Asia especially, a growing economy in need of expertise and technical knowhow to drive the economy forward. We are pleased to be part of this critical process of upgrading the education level of the young and nurturing them to face future challenges.
  • We are based in Singapore and aimed to be one of the top local education sector online platform enabler. Our target roadmap is to have a strong presence in all the Asia countries where the literacy rates have been growing exponentially and where the economy is expanding.