All users of "The LearningHub" are expected to agree to the terms and conditions herein set forth.


- The LearningHub (hereinafter referred as "the LearningHub") is an online platform linking parents (hereinafter referred as "the Parent") to tutors (hereinafter referred as "the Tutor") and service providers (hereinafter referred as "the Service Provider") for the purpose of fulfilling the tuition needs of the studying children of the parents.


- The LearningHub has full copyrights of all the content and materials published on its website. Any unauthorized use in full or in part by any party is strictly prohibited.
- The LearningHub shall attempt to ensure the information published on its website to be accurate and shall not be liable in the event of mistakes, errors or overlooks due to whatsoever reasons. Any articles or publications by third parties do not in any way represent the viewpoint of the LearningHub.
- Any hyperlink or link to another website ("Third party Website") from the LearningHub is merely as additional reference if the user finds them useful. The LearningHub has no control over the content of the Third party Website and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of or reliance on the content of the said website.

Pre requisites

- All tutors MUST meet the following requirements :
a) A local citizen. Example, for Singapore, a Singaporean OR a local Permanent Residence (PR) OR with a valid Employment Permit to work in the education sector
b) Age 18 and above


- There are two categories of Tutor : (a) Independent Tutor and (b) Service Provider/Tuition Centre employed Tutor.
- Tutor is assigned with a log-on user ID and password. Independent tutor will individually register the user id direct online whereas Service Provider administrator will register all its tutors.
- Each tutor shall take full responsibility for their online activities under the assigned user id. The LearningHub shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from irresponsible online activities conducted by the Tutor. In the event that the user id is being stolen or there is an unauthorized access using the Tutor's id, the Tutor must inform the LearningHub immediately.
- The LearningHub reserves the full right to grant or reject a user id request from the tutor or terminate the Tutor's user id for whatsoever reason or edit the content of materials posted by the Tutor where it deems necessary.
- The Tutor shall take full responsibility for the content he is posting and shall not knowingly providing false and misleading information.
- The Tutor shall at all time undertake not to act in any way that is in conflict or against the interest of the LearningHub.
- Tutor is not allowed to disclose their contact, email, social media id, website or any other contact or contact information which allows the parents to get in touch with them illegally by using the Learninghub online platform.
- Tutor is to upload scanned copies of their certificates into their profile. The LearningHub reserves the right to verify the original copies of the certificates. The parents could only view the certificates upon booking is made.
- Tutor is to confirm each tuition booking or appointment online 24 hours before the actual session. By confirming the session, all the parents shall receive a system generated SMS from LearningHub.
- In the event that the Tutor fails to turn up for the tuition session after the session is confirmed, the tutor shall face a penalty equivalent to the fee of one session for a student. The Tutor must make the payment within 48 hours failing which the user id will be terminated. Once the user id is terminated, the Tutor must pay double the original fine amount to reinstate the user id.
- Tutor must exhibit good conduct in the course of their tuition session. Punctuality of attendance for the tuition session and fulfilling the whole duration of the tuition session are responsibility of the Tutor.
- Tutor shall dress appropriately.
- The Tutor shall adhere to the Booking rules as stipulated in the below paragraph.


- The Tuition Rate is based on quotations from the Tutor. It is usually based on the prevailing market rate, and the qualification and experience of the tutor providing the tuition.
- For home tuition, parents are to provide a conducive environment for the tuition session to be fruitful for the tutee. The Tutor has the right to withdraw or terminate the session if the condition is too hostile or there is too much disturbance to the session. The Tutor shall support the untenable session by submitting the video or audio evidence to the LearningHub for validation.
- Parent shall always ensure the tutee attending the tuition is ready at the schedule tuition time. In the event that the tutee is still not available for the session after 15 minutes of the actual session, the Tutor reserves the right to terminate the session and the session is deemed to have been consumed and no refund will be provided.
- The Learninghub shall not guarantee the improvement of the tutee's school grade from the tuition sessions. It is because there are many factors affecting the tutee's school grade. However, based on studies conducted by education experts so far, generally the tutee's school grade will improve if he is given the tuition classes outside normal school classes.
- The Parent shall undertake to provide accurate particulars pertaining to themselves and their tutee(s). The Parent shall always immediately update their particulars online in the event there is a change of their particulars of themselves such as contact number etc.
- The Parent shall adhere to the Booking rules as stipulated in the below paragraph.

Service Provider

- The Service Provider shall undertake to provide accurate and up-to-date information pertaining to their organization and their tutors.
- The Service Provider shall undertake to charge the Parent the same tuition fee amount as offered by the LearningHub online, in line with the agreed Fee Policy as stipulated in the below paragraph.
- The Service Provider shall adhere to the Booking rules as stipulated in the below paragraph.
- The Service Provider shall undertake to take full responsibility of their tutors. The Service Provider shall keep its tutors informed of the rules and regulations for tutors as stipulated in the Tutor paragraph.
- The Service Provider shall at all time undertake not to act in any way that is in conflict or against the interest of the LearningHub.

Fee Policy

- The Tutor and Service Provider agree and undertake to comply with the Fee Policy stated herein :
a) Maintaining the same net fee structure for the tuition class/session whether the Parent books the tuition session direct with the Tutor or Service Provider or the LearningHub. b) The net fee structure refers to net amount the Parent needs to pay for the same tuition class/session of the scheduled date and time. It shall include any discount or rebate or adjustment in whatsoever way that affects the final amount the Parent is paying for the stated tuition session. Booking
- Parent is required to make a booking of a Tuition Package of at least 4 weeks.
- Upon executing the booking, a Booking Fee of 2 sessions (or 2 weeks) will be charged and the remaining amount outstanding shall be paid by 5pm a day before the remaining sessions of the Tuition Package starts. Failing to make payment shall result in the tuition slot being open to other student. No reminder will be served to the Parent.
- The parent may change the tutor at any time by making another booking for another tutor replacing the partially utilized Tuition Package and only pays the difference of the fee for the new Tuition Package. Any balance of fee from the new Tuition Package in parent's favour shall be kept as credit/balance available for future or subsequent booking.
- No refund of Booking Fee is allowed.
- The LearningHub will impose a fee of 5% of the Tuition Package from the Tutor or Service Provider
- For Home Tuition. The Tutor must get a sign-in and sign-out from the Parent on an Attendance Sheet for each session. The LearningHub shall strictly base on the signed Attendance Sheet when making payment to the Tutor. The Parent may rate the Tutor on the Attendance Sheet or online.
- That will determine the rating for the Tutor, in the range of 0 to 5 stars. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liabilities
- The LearningHub shall not warrant that its website or server and the emails it sends out are free from virus, spywares or any potentially harmful materials.
- The LearningHub shall not warrant that its website is available around the clocks or 24X7. The website shall be shutdown for maintenance as and when necessary without advance notice.
- The LearningHub shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of its website, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages.